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Our Expertise

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my specialized hazardous materials training sessions to assist you in meeting the federal DOT mandated three-year recertification training for your registered inspectors who test, inspect, and repair DOT specification cargo tanks. 
Cargo Tank Registered Inspector Training
Included with the cargo tank inspector training
On-Site reviews of your required terminal records

We offer in-depth Registered Inspector Training at your facility. This training includes:

1) External Visual Inspections,

2) Leakage Testing;

  a) EPA Method 27 Leakage Tests,

  b) Meter Creep Testing (LPG),

  c) Delivery hose testing (LPG),

  d) Off-truck remote, query, and              passive shut down devices (LPG),

3) Pressure testing;

  a) Pressure relief device testing,

  b) WFMPE procedures,

4) Internal Inspections;

  a) Trinity baffle Special Permit

5) Thickness testing:

  a) Customize to your device

6) Lining Inspection:

  a) Spark tester procedures 

7) FRP DOT Special Permit training

These items are included with each training class:

a) A Workbook for each student,

b) A PRD laminated sheet with        all the bench testing pressures          for each different cargo tank and      design pressure,

c) A Shop Manual including: 

 1) cargo tank testing regulations,

 2) copies of the superseded cargo         tank regulations

 3) DOT cargo tank testing                   interpretations,

 4) Trinity cargo tank baffle DOT           Special Permits,

 5) Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic             (FRP) current DOT Special                Permits

d) Electronic testing forms              customized with you name and        logo

We offer on-site and off-site reviews of your hazardous material operations. Before you are subject to a Federal or State site investigation, we can come to your facility to review your operation for compliance with hazardous materials and safety regulation and make recommendation to bring your operation into compliance. 


Hazardous Materials Employee Training
Corrective Action Plans To Request A Rating Upgrade.
Site Security Plan Assessment and Preparation

We offer customized hazardous material employee training based on the type of hazardous materials (HM) you transport.  This training includes a review of your HM shipping papers and how you transport the HM.  These shipping papers will be added into the training of your employees. 

We have seventeen years reviewing correction actions plans, knowing what works and what is not acceptable.  Let us assist your organization to collect the proper documents and submit to FMCSA a written corrective action plan to reduce the penalty amount and requesting a rating upgrade.  Failure to comply with the corrective action upgrade, could result in your company losing their operating authority. 


We offer on-site and off-site reviews of each of your locations that transport or temporarily store hazardous material subject to a In-Depth Security Plan, including the required In-Depth Security Plan you your employees. 

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